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News and updates

Plymouth City Market Investment Works

Work to transform Plymouth City Market with a £3.5 million makeover has officially begun.

External scaffolding has now moved around to the South elevation. Works have also been completed on ‘block b’, with the shops on Cornwall Street having new windows installed, new roof coating and the installation of solar panels.

Internal Scaffolding has now been removed on bays 1/2 revealing the new North Light windows. The lower windows in all the café have also been replaced and all internal areas in bays 1/2 have been redecorated.

High level windows on the North Elevation have now been replaced and water tested. Removal of vinyl wrap and scaffolding in this area will now commence.

Removal of high level windows on the North Elevation is now complete. Internal decoration has started on the columns around the windows. We should see the new frames and windows replaced over the coming 4 weeks.

Cornwall street elevation external scaffolding is now complete. A wrap has been applied and work can commence on removing the windows.

Cornwall Street external scaffolding is near completion. Note scaffolding running through the ‘North Light windows’ to connect with internal scaffolding.

Hoist has now been installed in the Market car park. This will allow for all required materials to be easily transported to the Markets roof.

Works to remove the North elevation entrance canopy are now complete. Over the coming weeks Ryearch will erect scaffolding to the North external elevation for access to the North light windows.

Scaffolding has now been erected on the East elevation. We have also had an internal site compound installed to allow access to the upper decks of the scaffolding.

The first phase over the coming weeks will be to erect scaffolding. The market will have scaffolding erected inside and outside the building on the north elevation.

The external scaffolding will allow for the replacement of the north light windows and the roof works to replace the existing coverings.