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Entrance Closures

Please be aware that from the beginning of May we will be closing certain entrances as part of the ongoing investment works.

The works will commence on Tuesday 2nd May when the Car Park entrance will be closed until Saturday 6th May for the contractors to install steelwork for the new frame that will support the new entrance that is to be created. This entrance will then be re-opened for an interim period pending the final stage of the works to this location

On Monday 8th May Cornwall Street entrance will be closed for two weeks.

On Monday 5th June the Car Park entrance will be closed for the installation of the new foyer for three weeks.

New George Street will be closed for three weeks from the 26th June. Ryearch will be removing both sets of electric doors and their frames to be replaced with manual doors. In addition to this they need to replace both the inner and outer high level windows and frames.

Finally, Frankfort Gate entrance will be closed initially for two weeks from 17th July for the steelwork to be installed then for a further three weeks from 14th August.  There are considerable works involved in re-ordering this entrance and hence the additional time required.